April 20, 2018 クラスあり

I forgot to charge my phone last night, and now my battery is almost dead.  Luckily, I have just enough juice left to write this post.  Enjoy your day.  It looks like it's going to be a good one!


April 18, 2018 クラスあり

Today, the train is running a little late due to the rain, but I think I will still make it on time for class. Be careful out in the rain!


April 17, 2018 休 NO CLASS

I am considering to make two new classes on Thursday, but I haven't decided what kind of courses they will be yet. One student suggested to me to have a kind of "Drama Class" where students can practice their English with dialogue.  Sounds like fun. What do you think? Do you have any ideas?

Anyway, no school today.  I plan to do lots of reading.  Have a great day!


April 16, 2018 クラスあり

It's a nice sunny day, but it's still quite chilly. I think it is supposed to warm up by this weekend, just in time for George Washington week!  I am looking forward to GW.  Why do Japanese people love George Washington so much? Everywhere, I see GW GW GW!


April 15, 2018 クラスあり

I think it is going to be one of those days.  Do you ever feel like time flies by too quickly no matter how much you try to hurry?  I woke up earlier than usual, but I was still late getting out the door. It usually takes me 2 min to get to the station, but today it took me 5. I went to the cafe to read a book, but it seemed like it was time for me to go as soon as I finished the first page. Now, I just started writing this blog and already the train is approaching Kamioooka.  Gotta run.....

I'm looking forward to today's lessons. It is private lesson day. Always interesting.


April 14th, 2018 - クラスあり

Good morning...Sorry for the late post today, but I decided to sleep in. I should have set my alarm clock, but I didn't and so I rolled out of bed at 10:30.

Here is a little something to put a smile on your face:

Q: Why can't you give Elsa a balloon? 

A: Because she will Let it go 

Get it?  ha ha ha ha ha


FRIDAY THE 13th......クラスあり

I saw the most disgusting thing last night on my way home from Kamiooka. I stopped at Lawson's to buy some milk, and when I came out, there was a HUGE geji-geji staring me right in the face!  I wanted to run back into the store.  Now, I am paranoid, and I think I see geji-gejis everywhere!  I hope it wasn't an omen of things to come since today is FRIDAY the 13th!!!!!!


”Favorites" Survey Results

April 12, 2018 クラスあり

Good morning, Miami.  Because there is no Q class today, I will arrive in time for R class.

This morning I woke up early and went for a run.  I ran 5K.  I love running because it is good for your health and good for your brain. 

I feel as free as a bird when I run. When I run alone, there is no competition, no stress.  I can stop anytime. I can choose to go fast, or I can choose to go slow. 

I can run in the snow, in the rain, on a hill, or on a plain. I can run here. I can run there. I can run anywhere. I can run anywhere I choose, as long as I have my shoes.

How about you? Do you like running?

See you in class!


April 11, 2018 - クラスあり

Good morning, Miami!  Ms. Odie is still on vacation, so I will be substituting for her tonight in addition to teaching my classes in the day.  It is going to be a long day, but somehow I will manage.

By the way, from tomorrow I will move this blog.  Please click on the button at the top of the page to see this blog from tomorrow. Thank-you.

It looks like rain today. Don't forget your umbrella! I always carry my mini-umbrella just in case it rains.  Leave a comment and tell me what kind of umbrella you have!宜しくお願い致します!


April 10, 2018 - クラスあり

Goooood morning, Miami! You may have noticed that I updated my homepage. How do you like it? どうですか?

So. today I'm wondering, what do you typically do on Tuesdays? 火曜日には、いつもどんなことをしていますか?

I usually teach English and go to the gym after work.

How about you? Please leave me your comment.下に答えを書いて下さい。よろしく!


April 9, 2018 - NO CLASS

It has been a while, but I think today I am going to study Japanese. Someone gave me these wonderful flashcards for learning Kanji. I want to learn them by heart (暗記する)What do you think?

Excuse me....I think I have to go do "number 2" now......

April 8, 2018

Here is an American Joke to brighten your day. I hope it puts a smile on your face.

A: I have the perfect son. 
B: Does he smoke? 
A: No, he doesn't. 
B: Does he drink whiskey? 
A: No, he doesn't. 
B: Does he ever come home late? 
A: No, he doesn't. 
B: I guess you really do have the perfect son. How old is he? 
A: He will be six months old next Wednesday.

April 7, 2018

Ms. Odie is on vacation today, so I will be filling in for her. I want to say "宜しくお願いします" to today's students, but there is no English. Instead, I will say "I'm looking forward to today's class!".

April 6, 2018

Are you feeling sleepy? It helps to watch a funny YouTube video to wake you up again.  Here is a funny video for you.  It is from the movie "Pink Panther". The actor is Steve Martin.

I would like to buy a hamburger

April 5, 2018

Please fill out this survey on "favorites".  I will post the results in about a week.  Have a great day!

April 4, 2018

Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

April 3, 2018

Starting this week, I will be teaching Tuesday and Thursday classes again. I am looking forward to seeing my Tuesday and Thursday students again!
By the way, check out this article from my NEWS class. It is very interesting!----->  ORANGE SNOW

April 2, 2018

Don't worry. Be happy.

April 1, 2018

Did you hear the news? Trump is quitting as President. He is giving up! yay!

March 31, 2018

Wow. March just flew by. I can't believe it is April already.  This year has been a really good year for cherry-blossom viewing, don't you think so? Usually, it rains right when they start to bloom, but this year, no rain! I haven't been out very much, but I have seen so many beautiful photos from my students.


My Trip to Hawaii, Part 2


Pork BBQ Sandwich
HUGE Spam Riceball!!!
おじいさんのお葬式は島の北側の教会で行われました。教会は、そとから優しい風が吹き込んで来て、快適な感じでした。大体皆落ち着いた色の服装でしたが、スーツを着た人はいなかった。母が子供の時から、おばあさんとともにその教会に長く通っていたことを思い、私は感慨深く思いました。教会のとなりは、母の小学校がありました。神父の話が終わったら皆は着替えて、海に移動しました。おばあさんが育てられたところに近い砂浜で、家族と一緒に腰までつかりながら、10メートル位歩きました。そこに、母とお爺さんの散骨をしました。 その時足元に沢山小さい石があって、痛がっている私を母が笑っているだろうと思いました。



My Trip to Hawaii, Part I

My Trip to Hawaii. Part I

Me, my cousin, and my Uncle
おじいさんのお葬式のため、二日前家族皆でおじさんの家に集まりました。ハワイの他の島とアメリカのメインランドからそれぞれ来ました。私が会ったことがない親戚が沢山いました。日本人みたいな顔だったので、びっくりしました。「日本人の方ですか」と聞きました。その人は、"I don't speak Japanese”と答えました。ハワイでは日系三世が多いですが、私の親戚もそうです。そのことを会うまでは知らなかった。
Family Gathering


 ないけれど、携帯ナビを付ける事ができますよと言ったので、そうしました。でも、会計するときに、そのナビシステムを使うには、一日50 ドルぐらいプラスしなければならないことがわかりました。

やっと、車のかぎを貰って、車に乗り込むところで鶏をみました。かわいい!店がにわとりを飼っているのかと思いました。そこから、私のホテルに行く途中でスーパーによって、食料品を買うつもりでした。スーパについたら、駐車場で車をでたところに、また同じチキンを見ました。ビックリ!そのあと、ホテルに着き、一階にある部屋のベランダの窓を開けたら、またチキンがいました!カワイ島の中で、ワイルドチキンが多いです。と言うのは、何年か前のハリケーンのせいで、個人の養鶏場から沢山チキンが逃げ出した. そのチキンに子供ができて、今カワイ島ではチキンが増えました!毎朝、夜があけるときは、このヤローがベランダで時をつげました。











Since the rainy season is about to start, I thought I want to spend some time outside while it isn't raining. I heard about a good hiking place from a student. It is called Koajiro Forest. I decided to go hiking there. It was last month. Koajiro forest is in Miura Peninsula; it takes about 40 minutes from Kamioooka on the Keikyu line. Misakiguchi is the last stop on Keikyu Line.


Walking from the station, I arrived at my destination in 10 minutes. The weather on that day was wonderful! The entrance to the forest was thick, full of trees and greenery. Inside the forest, there were many butterflies, dragonflies, and other kinds of insects. I was glad there weren't any spiders. I really hate spiders. Along the way, I met some other happy hikers.


I reached an open area. There were small mountains to the left and to the right. The landscape was wide and spacious. I enjoyed having such a peaceful walk through the woods. It felt so good, so I laid down on the wooden boardwalk under a tree. I looked up at the sun shining through the leaves of the tree above. It was so quite without the hustle-bustle noise of the city. All I could hear was the gentle sound of a soft breeze. 


Suddenly, a noisy group of people were approaching. My peace and quiet was destroyed. Oh, well. I continued to walk to the ocean.


I continued to walk along the shore. I found a surprise. It was low tide. When I looked down at the sand, I could see something moving! Many small crabs had come out. It seemed that they were lonely. There were waving their hands for a cute girl to come along. That was the crabs' mating dance.


After that, I continued along the way to go back home. Again, I found a surprise! From behind, many small humans were approaching. About 100! I thought I should run away, but since I was tired, I sat in the shade and waited for the little munchkins to pass. It seems they were on a field trip. I followed them to the parking lot of a large condominium. There, there was a bus from Tokyo waiting for them. I saw the little munchkins off.


Finally, I wandered around in front of the condominium for a little while where there were many yachts parked. After that, I walked about 10 minutes to the bus stop to go back home. It was a great day.


Honolulu Marathon

This is a blog written by a student at Miami.  I made some corrections, but she did a great job!

This year I tried participating in a full marathon for the first time. As far as exercise, I’ve only been going to a sports club for about 6 months and participated in a 10km running competition. However, I wanted to try something really difficult, so I joined the Honolulu marathon. I always imagined a full marathon would be so severe for beginners, but actually it didn’t feel so hard. Perhaps it was because the scenery was great, and many people were cheering on the sidelines and gave me high fives. Moreover, all the other runners around me were also trying to do their best, so I managed to do it. It was a memorable experience. Next year, I want to keep running and try something else new!



The Christmas Spirit


When I was a child, I really loved the Christmas season because of the feeling of happiness that everyone around me seemed to have.  Everywhere I went, there was Christmas music playing, people were giving each other Christmas greetings, helping each other and sharing.  There was a feeling of love, peace, and happiness.  It seemed like the world was a perfect place without any war, hunger, or hate.  When Christmas finally came, it was the culmination of a perfect season.  Even though it was freezing cold outside, I remember sitting in my warm pajamas in front of the Christmas tree surrounded by my family and so many presents.  There was so much food and sweets.  My grandparents had a large fireplace in their home, and it felt so warm and cozy sitting in front of the fireplace. I never thought about how these things came to be, or how lucky I was to have a Christmas such as this.
Now, I realize how hard my parents worked to make such a nice time for me and my brother, especially my mother.  As my father was in the Navy, we had to live in Virginia close to the Navy base.  My mother was from Hawaii.  I imagine that she must have been so lonely being so far away from home without any friends or the internet.  But she worked so hard to take care of my brother and I when my father was out on the ocean and it is because of her I learned the meaning of the Christmas spirit; giving, heping, and taking care of other people.


Thanksgiving is almost here!



Thanksgiving is here!
One of the things I miss about my country is Thanksgiving. When I think about it, images of lots and lots and lots of delicious food, and spending time with my family spring to mind. My mother used to say that holidays were a time for family. When I was young, I couldn't understand what she meant. I thought "We are always together because we live together, isn't that enough?" But now that she is gone, I finally understand what she meant. Thanksgiving was really important to her. She would start preparing the food 2 or 3 days in advance and work so hard to cook so much delicious food for all of us. I remember there was stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, bread, 3 or 4 different kinds of pies, and of course, TURKEY! There was so much food that we would be eating the leftovers for 2 weeks after Thanksgiving!
Many family members, neighbors, and friends came to our house. I was happy to see them. Before eating, we said a prayer together to give thanks for our health and for the food. After that we ate, enjoyed good conversation together, ate, took a break, ate, talked, and ate some more. We were stuffed!

I am thankful to my mother for such happy memories.

Let's talk about Japanese Culture in English!


Imagine that you happen to meet a man from Florida at the bowling alley. After you get past the basic greetings and conversation such as "What is your name?" and "Where are you from?", what are you going to talk about? I am sure you will want to know all about what life is like in Florida, but chances are that he will want to learn about Japan.....from YOU!
When I first came to Japan, that is exactly what happened to me.  I met a nice Japanese family at the bowling alley and we became friends. They invited me to their home and took me to Kamakura and later to Yokohama. Once they gave me something to eat. I asked what it was, but the father said that he would tell me after I ate it. So, I ate it and said that it was delicious. Then, he told me that it was horse meat! I was a little shocked because in America we think as horses as pets, and only dogs eat horse meat. After that, I enjoyed eating it many times!
I remember listening to them speak Japanese, and I thought, "Japanese people speak so fast! I can't understand anything!"  I was just a beginner at speaking Japanese at that time, so I was very embarrassed by my poor Japanese and I only wanted to speak English.  I was lucky that the family could speak English and thanks to them I could learn many things about Japanese culture. I think they probably enjoyed the chance to practice their English as well.  
I encourage you to do the same! Don't be shy, and help foreigners like me learn about the beauty of Japanese culture!


Halloween Lecture on 10/20!

Enjoy a Miami Halloween English Lecture  !
Let's learn about Halloween in English ! 
I will hold a special lecture party on 10/20 to talk about Halloween in American Culture in English. We will have many fun activities, so please come and bring your friends! 

The last time I held a Halloween lecture, it was so much fun.  I was surprised that everyone wore Halloween costumes that were very interesting.  Some of my students I could not recognize. In America, I think Halloween is a very exciting time for children and adults too. Now, when I think about it, many memories of trick-or-treating as a child come to mind. I remember dressing up as Batman, Superman, a ghost, and a zombie. There is no rule however, at what age a child is too old to go trick-or-treating, so I think it is confusing to know when not to go.  Maybe around 13,14, or 15. I think it depends on your height.  Since the child is wearing a costume, the adult cannot tell how old the child is when they arrive at your house and ask for candy.  However, it looks a little suspicious to see someone tall wearing a costume and trick-or-treating because they don't seem like a child anymore. 

I am looking forward to sharing more stories like this in English at my lecture, so I hope to see you there!

When: 10/20 

Where: Yumeoooka Office Tower, 11th floor 会議室2

Come and have fun learning about Halloween in English! ハロウィーンを英語で学びましょう。

*Speeches in English 英語スピーチ
*Conversation Time! 会話タイム
*Halloween Bingo!  ハロウィーンビンゴ
*Games!    ゲーム

You can come even if you are not a regular student at the best English school in Kamioooka, MIAMI EIKAIWA! Any level is ok! 上大岡で一番のマイアミ英会話スクールの生徒さんでなくてもご参加いただけます。オールレベル。

Tickets go on sale 10/6 10月6日チケット販売
Only 14 seats available  14 枚販売予定



日時: 10/20    18:30-20:00
場所: ゆめ大岡オフィスタワー, 11階 会議室2





14 枚販売予定