Christmas was fun!


At Christmas time, I had many parties with my students, and it was so much fun! I played many games with children, and sang many Christmas songs. I felt like a child once again. I also saw Santa Claus! Thank-you, everyone!


Christmas party

こんにちは!もうすぐクリスマスので、今月の19日(水)から特別なクリスマスレッスンをします!。クリスマスソングを一緒に歌いましょう! 楽しみにしています。宜しく!


Black Friday!

Cops: Mass. bargain-hunter took home TV, left 2-year-old boy behind - U.S. News
1. When is the biggest shopping day in Japan?
2. Do you think you would enjoy Black Friday?


Happy Thanksgiving!

harvest 収穫
holiday 休日
Pilgrim 参拝者、ピルグリム
take off from work 仕事を休みます。
prayer お祈り

Today in the U.S. is a holiday called Thanksgiving. It first started when the first people came to America from England. They were called Pilgrims and lived in a town called Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Pilgrims were happy because of the good harvest, and they had a special celebration to say thanks to God. This celebration became the Thanksgiving holiday.
When I was a child, I remember my mother making food for Thanksgiving Day. Even though Thanksgiving is always on the fourth Thursday in November, many people start cooking on Monday. People like to eat turkey, yams, sweet potato, baked potato, cranberries, stuffing, and pies! My mother would always make three or four different kinds of pies for Thanksgiving! Everything she made was delicious! Because Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, people usually take off from work on Friday so they can have a four-day weekend. People gather with their family and friends and have dinner together. Before eating, someone says a prayer to thank God for all the good things in their life.

1. Where did Thanksgiving start?
2. When is Thanksgiving?
3. What do people do on Thanksgiving?
What is the difference between turkey and chicken?
What is the prayer called that people say before eating?


Happy Halloween!

This year, I had a great Halloween! Starting from one week before Halloween, I had a little party during the lesson for each of my students. Many of them wore costumes, and were really scary! I played scary music while we played games and then I gave out candy to everyone who said "trick-or-treat". It was so much fun, and now I can't wait for Christmas!

scary - 怖い!
I can't wait - 楽しみにしています



In the news...

この記事を読みながら、下に書いてあるの質問を答えて見ましょ う。 1. What was the farmer doing before he disappeared? 2. How did his family know that something bad happened to the farmer? 3. What are dentures? 4. Where is the farmer from? 5. How did the hogs attack the farmer?


化粧室の直訳はmake-up roomです。でも、その言葉は言わない。英語で同じぐらいの意味はpowder roomです。その言葉が古くて、現在は皆にrestroomと言われています。Restroomの直和訳は休屋です。(^^;)

Where is the restroom?
I need to use the restroom now!



Swirkle anyone?

Yesterday, I went to Tully`s and had a Swirkle. It was pretty good. I don't understand why they put something on their menu that is so hard to say? Can you say Swirkle? 
Click here to listen → http://db.tt/vDX65xWl


Trip to the Apple Store


Apple Store - Fast
Apple Store - Slow

My trip to the Apple store  (Ginza)



1. biography - 伝記
2. consortium - 協同組合
3. particular - に限って
4. specs - 設計明細書
5. genius - 天才
6. navigate - 方法を作る
7. gadget - ガジェット


Recently, I have been reading the biography of the late Steve Jobs. One of the things that I like about him is his interest in art. I have never been a big fan of Apple, but today I decided to go and visit the Apple store in Ginza and see for myself the art of Steve Jobs.
I have to say that it was really cool. I think it shouldn't be called a store, but an Apple consortium of computers and art. I wondered if the man himself had been here to this particular store.
The first floor was a display of all the different types of Apple computers. I had never really seen or paid attention to their products before except for the iphone, ipad, and ipod. When I examined the computers, I was very impressed. Everything about an Apple computer is different. The shape of the mouse, the style of the keyboard, even the texture of the keys is unique. Every computer was on display as if it was a work of art. There were no stickers on the hardware with the specs written on them, no price tags, and every computer was powered up, screen on, ready to be used as if it were sitting on my own desk at home. The room was easy to navigate and was elegantly designed with wood, steel, glass, and stone.
I proceeded to the elevator, which was made of glass, and I went up to the second floor. I thought it was cool that the elevator was like an iphone, in that it only had one button! The second floor was filled with a whole universe of accessories for Apple products.  On the third floor was a presentation room. It was set up like a movie theater filled with soft, red velvet chairs. I sat down in one of those comfy chairs and watched as a woman gave a presentation on various Apple apps. Finally, I went up to the fourth floor. There were several customers gathered around some tables recieving training on how to use their various Apple gadgets and computers. One section was labeled "Genius Bar", and it is where Apple experts were helping customers who were having trouble with their computers.
The Apple store is one-of-a-kind, and I definitely recommend it to anyone, even if you don't own an Apple product, like me!


1. Why did I go to the Apple store?
2. What is special about the elevator?
3. Was there a movie theater in the building?
4. What is the Genius Bar?
5. Why did I like the Apple store?

Bonus question

What does the "i" in iphone stand for?

How about you? 

Have you been to the Apple store? Do you own any Apple products? What do you think of Apple?

Thank you for listening! I hope you enjoyed it and could learn something from it to help improve your English.  I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment on my blog.  Keep studying, and I’ll see you later alligator!

聞いてくださりありがとうございます。 どうでしたか。楽しんでいただき、何かを学んでくれたらうれしいです。

Please leave your comment!


In the news...


Police: Mom arrested after leaving baby on car roof and driving off

1. Where was the baby found?

2. Where did the girl last see the baby?

3. What happened to the girl's boyfriend?

4. Who found the baby?

5. When did she notice the baby was missing?

6. Why did she forget her baby?

7. Have you ever done anything like this?

8. What happened after she found her baby?

9. Where is the baby now?

10. What is a DUI?






1. tornado たつまき
2. mountainous area やまち
3. ditch みぞ
4. shelter 避難所
5. fierce 激しい
6. air pressure 空気圧
7. debris 残骸


Recently, I saw in the news that there were tornadoes in Japan.  I think this is very unusual for Japan.  Usually, tornadoes occur in flat, wide-open areas, and not in mountainous areas like Japan. However, I noticed that more and more mountains are being flattened to build houses.  I wonder if this has something to do with it. Unfortunately, one person was killed as a result of the tornadoes. Watching it on TV was pretty scary.
My hometown in Florida is a flat area, and so there are some tornadoes every year.  I remember when I was in elementary school, we had drills on what to do if a tornado came. In case of a tornado, we were told to stay away from the windows and to try to hide in a low place like a basement or a ditch.  I saw a few tornadoes, but they were very far away.  My worst experience was during Hurricane Ivan.  I was in a shelter with my family, and suddenly a tornado was coming.  The whole building was shaking like a train was coming by.  Some guys in another room started yelling for help, and I rushed to help them keep the doors shut.  Even though they were big heavy double doors, the air pressure from the tornado was trying to rip then open.  We could hear the fierce wind as the tornado passed by.  It sounded like a huge monster was outside.  The next morning when it was all over and I went outside, I could see damage everywhere; cars were flipped over, tall trees snapped it half and sides of buildings gone.  We couldn't go home right away because the roads were covered in debris.  A few days later, when I could finally get to my apartment, I saw that a tornado had been here.  The apartment next to mine had the whole wall torn off.  I could see inside!  But my apartment was safe.  I was so lucky!

Check out this video of a recent tornado in Texas. -->http://youtu.be/WABqwKjQM_c

1. Why is it unusual for tornadoes to occur in Japan?
2. What should you do if a tornado comes?
3. Why were some guys yelling for help?
4. What was wrong with the roads?
5. Why was the building that I was in shaking?

1. What famous movie has a tornado and a girl named Dorothy?

How about you?
1. Have you ever been involved in or seen a tornado?

 Thank you for listening! I hope you enjoyed it and could learn something from it to help improve your English.  I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment on my blog.  Keep studying, and I’ll see you later alligator!

聞いてくださりありがとうございます。 どうでしたか。楽しんでいただき、何かを学んでくれたらうれしいです。

Please leave your comment!

Student Blog: Forest Adventure



1. expensive - 値段が高い
2. a big chicken - 怖がりな人
3. zip line - ジップライン
4. hook up - つながる
5. traffic - 交通渋滞


 I went to a place called "Forest Adventure" in Odawara with my family during Golden Week. Forest Adventure is an athletic park in the forest. The park's attractions are courses that use the park's trees. We climbed up one tree and then moved to another tree using various methods. Each course is made up of several trees that have a rope bridge, a swing, a tunnel, and a zip line connecting to the next tree. We have to wear a harness when we climb the trees in case we fall. I am connected to a harness throughout the course from the time my feet leave the ground until I come back down. It is safe, but you must be over 110cm tall, and children must be at least elementary school age. The reason is that they have to be able to hook themselves up to the harness. I was a big chicken, but I had a lot of fun with my kids! Usually kids are the ones who are scared, but my kids were very brave.
It was a little expensive; \3500 for adults, and \2500 for kids. There are 9 courses, and when you finish you have to leave. Usually it takes 2 or 3 hours. If you are a big chicken like me, then you go slow, and it will take 3 or 4 hours. We left a little early to avoid the traffic.
It was so much fun, and it made us strong!


1. Where is the Forest Adventure Park?
2. Why do you have to wear a harness when you climb the trees?
3. How tall do you have to be to enter the park?
4. How many courses are there?
5. Why do children have to be a certain height and age to enter the park?


 Good job Ms. Y! I thought it sounds like fun. She must be very brave!  I think I want to try it one day. How about you? What do you think? Have you ever had an experience like this? コメントを残して下さい。


Student Blog - 3,5,7 Day


I was 7 years old.  I wore a kimono and make-up. I had my picture taken by a professional photographer.  I went to a shrine near my home to pray with my family and then we had lunch.  When we were walking, suddenly a stranger stopped and put money into the pocket of my sleeve. We didn't know him, but he said, "You are beautiful".  I was very suprised and happy.

Good job, Ms. K!


Student Blog- Hiroshima

私の生徒のT さんは勉強のためにこのブログを書きました。面白いから、読んで下さい。



- reservation- 予約

- souvenir - おみやげ

- came to pick us up - 迎え二来ました。

- old enough - 年齢がじゅうぶん

- bbq  - barbeque


I went back to my hometown, Hiroshima about 2 weeks ago with my family. We went there by plane from Haneda. It took about 1 hour. My children slept during the flight, so there were no problems. My father came to pick us up at the airport in Hiroshima. We drove about 30 minutes to my parents house. Later that day, we had a bbq.

 The next day, my family and I went to a jam factory near my parents home. The name of the factory is Aohata Jam. When we arrived, I found out that you have to have a reservation to go on a tour of the factory. Since we didn't have a reservation, we couldn't do anything. We could only see the souvenir store inside the factory. Even if I had a reservation, my kids wouldn't have been able to enter anyway because they are under 6 years old. I want to go back again when they are old enough. We enjoyed buying jam at the souvenir shop.

 We also visited a small island named O-Kunoshima. We took a ferry; it took about 10 minutes to get there. There were many small rabbits hopping around freely on the island. Anyone could feed them and play with them. My kids enjoyed it very much. My wife and I rented bicycles to ride around the island with my kids.


1. How long did it take to go to Hiroshima?

2. Why couldn't we go on a tour of the jam factory?

3. What was on the island?

4. Where were the rabbits? In a zoo?


Student Blog - A crowded train




crowded - こんでいます。

strap - つり革

unbelievable! - 信じられない!

pay attention - 注意を払う

bump - ぶつかる

luckily - 良かった!


One day, I got on the train's women-only car in the morning. But, the train was so crowded. I was standing next to a woman who was standing in front of another woman sitting down. Then, another woman got on the train at the next stop, but the train was already too crowded, and so the woman starting pushing me as she was getting on the train. When she reached up and grabbed the same strap that I was holding on to, I started to get angry. I was trying not to let the strap I was holding on to hit the head of the other woman I was standing next to, but when she grabbed it, I couldn't lift it up anymore with her hand on it. After that, she started reading a book, and not paying attention to the people around her. Unbelievable!. She was bumping into everyone around her as the train shook, including me! I had to put up with her all the way to Yokohama. Finally, I was relieved when it was time for me to get off, but she wouldn't get out of my way! Luckily, a seat suddenly became vacant as another passenger got off, and she rushed to sit down, so I got off the train before the doors closed. That morning was one of the worst. I hope that I never have such an experience again in my life. I have had enough already.


1. Why did Ms. N get angry?

2. Was Ms. N standing or sitting?

3. Why was the lady bumping into everybody?

4. How did Ms. N get off the train?

5. Did Ms. N sit down when a seat became available?


Good job Ms. N! I thought it was a funny story. How about you? What do you think? Have you ever had an experience like this? コメントを残して下さい。


My Diary: Nightmare!



I had a nightmare!

nightmare -悪夢
shake -揺れる
earthquake - 地震
ceiling - 天井
roof - 屋上
pin - 押さえ

Last night, I had a nightmare.  I dreamed I was in an old house with two of my friends.  We were playing video games and listening to music.  One of my friends went into the kitchen to get something for us to drink and then suddenly, the house started shaking.  It was an earthquake.  At first, I didn't worry because there are many earthquakes all the time.  However, the shaking didn't stop and it got stronger. The walls started to move back and forth more and more until they fell down!  I tried to run outside, but the ceiling fell on top of me and and I was pinned to the ground! It was so heavy on my back, but I was worried about my friends so I used all my strength to stand up and lift up the roof and rescue my friends.  When I woke up, I checked the tv to see if there was a real earthquake while I was sleeping, but there wasn't.  What a nightmare!

1. Why did my friend go into the kitchen?
2. What was I doing when the earthquake occurred?
3. Why didn't I run outside?
4. Who rescued us? How?
5. Did I worry?

How about you?
1. Have you ever had a bad earthquake experience?

Please leave your comment! あなたの経験を書いて下さい!


My Diary: My students are cool!

Yesterday, one of my students took my sunglasses, put them on, and said "I'm cool !"  I usually just teach English, but sometimes I also teach them how to be "cool".
cool - かっこいい


Nagasawa Class - May



みんなの家・〒239-0842 神奈川県横須賀市長沢2丁目6−40 +81 46-847-3906 ‎  
 Click here for map.

クラスは毎月1回です。 レッスン時間は30分位、レッスン料は一人500円です。 宜しくお願いいたします。

My Diary: Easter Egg Hunt


Download the audio and listen!

1. covered in mud -泥だらけ
2. Easter egg hunt - 卵探し
3. watch out for - 何とかに気を付けて
4. crow -からす
5. work of art - 名作
6. cellophane - セロハン
7. snatch - ひったくる
8. stuffed animal - ぬいぐるみ


1. Where did I hide the eggs?
2. What did I watch out for?
3. Why did my mom laugh while raking leaves?
4. Why did we have the Easter Egg hunt late?

Even though it is a little late, I thought it would be fun to have an Easter egg hunt for the Japanese kids that I teach at the pre-school.  Easter was on April the 8th, but it has been raining so much lately, we haven't had a chance to go to the park without getting covered in mud.  Today, the weather was perfect for playing outside!  First, I went to the park with the eggs and hid them behind bushes, under benches, and next to trees.  I was careful though、to watch out for birds because last year while I was doing the same thing, a giant crow came and snatched one of the eggs and flew off!  After hiding them, the kids came and looked for them.  They seemed to really enjoy it, and one of the little girls ate half of her egg!

I remember when I was a kid, in the days prior to Easter, I couldn't wait for my mother to boil the eggs so that my brother and I could color them.  She would prepare many colors to dip the eggs in, and we also used crayons to decorate them.  I was very serious about coloring my eggs; to me, they were considered a work of art.  After coloring the eggs, we let them dry. Then, the night before, while my brother and I were sleeping, my mother would place the eggs along with many chocolates and candy that she bought in a big Easter basket, one each for the both of us. I remember the baskets were so beautiful, filled with green cellophane, brightly colored eggs, chocolates, candy, jellybeans, and sometimes a small plastic toy or stuffed animal in the shape of a bunny.

After waking up on Easter morning, I was so happy to see my Easter basket filled with many goodies.  My mother would let us eat one or two chocolates before going to church.  After we got home, our parents would take the eggs and hide them in the backyard for us to find.  It was always fun looking for them. The funny part was that in all the excitement, sometimes we would forget how many eggs there were and not know if we had found all of them.  I remember one time I found one in the Fall while outside raking leaves with my mom, and we had a good laugh!


My Diary - Rainy day


raining cats and dogs - 土砂降りの雨

rainboots - 長靴

thunder and lightning - 雷と稲妻

interval - 間


1. How can you tell if the lightning is close or far from where you are?

2. Is there more thunder and lightning in Japan or in Florida?

3. When I was a child, where did I like to be during a storm?


Today it has been raining cats and dogs all day. I hate being wet, so I made sure to wear my rainboots and raincoat.  This afternoon, I noticed a little thunder, but I didn't see any lightning.  It seems like in Japan there isn't a lot of thunder and lightning.  In Florida, there is often a lot of thunder and lightning, and it is much louder and brighter.  When I was a child, I remember the thunder was sometimes so lound that it shook the walls of the house.  It was said that if you counted the number of seconds between the time that the lightning flashed and the time that the thunder boomed, you could tell how close it struck.  If the interval was just one second, then it meant that the lightning struck about one mile away.  As a child I enjoyed laying in front of the sliding glass door to my back yard at night and waiting for the lightning to strike as I listened to the heavy rain drum down.  When it came, even though it was so black outside, the lightning lit up everything as clear as day.  The only time I would get scared was when the interval between the thunder and the lightning was too quick too count.


In the news...



As you read the article, try to answer the following questions;

1.  How did the dog escape?

2.  After the dog escaped, what did the owner do?

3. What is a "fatty"?

4. How did they find the dog?

5. How long had the dog been missing?


Can you solve this problem?

Here is an easy puzzle that one of my friends on Facebook posted the other day. Can you find the answer? Remember that even a 6 year old child can find the answer. No cheating!


Nagasawa class - April

Yesterday's class was so much fun! Thank-you everyone for coming!

New words: Easter egg, tulip,chick, and jellybean. See you next time!



I shaved my head!

Hello everybody! Today is April 1st, so I decided to shave my head like my brother! Isn't it cool?



Sometimes when I am studying Japanese, I come across a new word and I find myself thinking, “When will I ever use this?”Today's new word is '壊滅するkaimetsu suru', which means  'to annihilate’Maybe I will use this the next time I to go to Mister Donuts.

ドナツを壊滅するぞ!!避けて!I will annihilate the donuts! Outta my way!


ドナツを壊滅するぞ!!避けて!I will annihilate the donuts! Outta my way!




1、5回分のレッスン料金をお支払いいただき、5回 レッスンをうける

2、4回だけレッスンを受ける。その場合お休みする 週は5週目でなくても可。




皆さん、こんにちは。今までのお付き合い、心から 感謝しています。レッスンはいつも楽しいです。そ ろそろ四月になるので、心新たに英語を新しく勉強 しましょう。


今までレッスンごとに料金をいただいていました。 それは生徒さんにとっても便利ですし、シンプルで すし、いいシステムだと思いました。時々生徒さん は他の用事とか、急用とか、病気もあるし、それに 私がレッスンをキャンセルこともあるので、構いま せんでした。でも、これでは私の収入は安定しませ ん。

色々と考えた結果、4月からは一回ごとの支払いシ ステムから月謝払いシステムへ変更します。月の初 めに前もって4回分のレッスン料を払って下さい。

都合が悪くなったら、私の空いてる日時に変更可能 です。(その月の中での変更に限る)HPに私のスケ ジュールがあるので、空き時間を見れる。https://sites.google.com/site/mrjohnsenglishclass/my-schedule 。

レッスン前後の私の移動時間も考えて下さると助か ります。

残念ながら生徒さんの都合でレッスンを振り替えで きない場合でもレッスン料は返金できません。で も、私がレッスンをキャンセルした場合は次の月に レッスン1回分を無料とします。それと月謝から ¥1000を割り引きます。

これに伴い、4月から生徒さん、それぞれのアドバ イスを含めた上達状況を月の終わりに報告します。

私のレッスンについて何かあったら、遠慮しない で、連絡下さい。

私のHPを見て下さい。新しく電話レッスンや、 メールレッスンや、ビデオレッスンなど始まりま す。今後は週2回ブログを更新します。






Today's Notes -

1. Do you have change?
レッスンの後で、生徒さんが大きい札で私に払って、「大きい札ですみませんがお釣りありますか。」と言います。そのようなときは"I'm sorry, do you have change?"と言うべきです。
2. I'm dizzy!
3. I want to take the EIKEN.


Far out! すげー!

When I visited my hometown in Florida a couple of months ago, I saw these interesting signs posted in the window of a store in a shopping mall. They are very common words for children to use, and sometimes adults.
1. "I saw it first!" - 二人の子供が、一人の子供は「私一番最初ものを見たから貰いますよ!」
という考え方です。よくある返事は"No, I saw it first!".
2. "Outta my way!" - よけて!
3. "Gimme that!" - チョウダイ!
4. "Mine!" - これは子供が一番使う言葉かもしれません。意味は「私の!!」



今日は今まで一番楽しいクラス!皆来てくれてありがとうございました。今日のフレーズは「I'm great! 元気だよ!, This one! これの!, I like salad! サラダ大好き!」




Yesterday, at the pre-school that I teach at, we had a picnic.  We planned to go to the park, but since the ground was still wet from the rain, we had it indoors instead.  First, we sang songs and danced, and then we ate.  All the kids brought their little lunchboxes.  They were so cute!  Their mothers made their food to look like Stitch, Anpan Man, and other characters.  American lunchboxes are so boring.  But maybe because the food is different.  Usually American lunchboxes have things like apples and sandwiches.  Maybe it isn't so easy to make an apple look like Spiderman!

What is the most interesting lunchbox you have ever seen?

Lunchboxes - お弁当

the ground - 地面

pre-school - 保育園






3月の長沢クラスは14日に一時になります。子供と一緒に英語を習って遊びましょう!時間があったら、是非来て下さい!今月にSaint Patrick's Dayと言う祭日があるので皆緑色の服をクラスに着て来て下さい。