I shaved my head!

Hello everybody! Today is April 1st, so I decided to shave my head like my brother! Isn't it cool?



Sometimes when I am studying Japanese, I come across a new word and I find myself thinking, “When will I ever use this?”Today's new word is '壊滅するkaimetsu suru', which means  'to annihilate’Maybe I will use this the next time I to go to Mister Donuts.

ドナツを壊滅するぞ!!避けて!I will annihilate the donuts! Outta my way!


ドナツを壊滅するぞ!!避けて!I will annihilate the donuts! Outta my way!




1、5回分のレッスン料金をお支払いいただき、5回 レッスンをうける

2、4回だけレッスンを受ける。その場合お休みする 週は5週目でなくても可。




皆さん、こんにちは。今までのお付き合い、心から 感謝しています。レッスンはいつも楽しいです。そ ろそろ四月になるので、心新たに英語を新しく勉強 しましょう。


今までレッスンごとに料金をいただいていました。 それは生徒さんにとっても便利ですし、シンプルで すし、いいシステムだと思いました。時々生徒さん は他の用事とか、急用とか、病気もあるし、それに 私がレッスンをキャンセルこともあるので、構いま せんでした。でも、これでは私の収入は安定しませ ん。

色々と考えた結果、4月からは一回ごとの支払いシ ステムから月謝払いシステムへ変更します。月の初 めに前もって4回分のレッスン料を払って下さい。

都合が悪くなったら、私の空いてる日時に変更可能 です。(その月の中での変更に限る)HPに私のスケ ジュールがあるので、空き時間を見れる。https://sites.google.com/site/mrjohnsenglishclass/my-schedule 。

レッスン前後の私の移動時間も考えて下さると助か ります。

残念ながら生徒さんの都合でレッスンを振り替えで きない場合でもレッスン料は返金できません。で も、私がレッスンをキャンセルした場合は次の月に レッスン1回分を無料とします。それと月謝から ¥1000を割り引きます。

これに伴い、4月から生徒さん、それぞれのアドバ イスを含めた上達状況を月の終わりに報告します。

私のレッスンについて何かあったら、遠慮しない で、連絡下さい。

私のHPを見て下さい。新しく電話レッスンや、 メールレッスンや、ビデオレッスンなど始まりま す。今後は週2回ブログを更新します。






Today's Notes -

1. Do you have change?
レッスンの後で、生徒さんが大きい札で私に払って、「大きい札ですみませんがお釣りありますか。」と言います。そのようなときは"I'm sorry, do you have change?"と言うべきです。
2. I'm dizzy!
3. I want to take the EIKEN.


Far out! すげー!

When I visited my hometown in Florida a couple of months ago, I saw these interesting signs posted in the window of a store in a shopping mall. They are very common words for children to use, and sometimes adults.
1. "I saw it first!" - 二人の子供が、一人の子供は「私一番最初ものを見たから貰いますよ!」
という考え方です。よくある返事は"No, I saw it first!".
2. "Outta my way!" - よけて!
3. "Gimme that!" - チョウダイ!
4. "Mine!" - これは子供が一番使う言葉かもしれません。意味は「私の!!」



今日は今まで一番楽しいクラス!皆来てくれてありがとうございました。今日のフレーズは「I'm great! 元気だよ!, This one! これの!, I like salad! サラダ大好き!」




Yesterday, at the pre-school that I teach at, we had a picnic.  We planned to go to the park, but since the ground was still wet from the rain, we had it indoors instead.  First, we sang songs and danced, and then we ate.  All the kids brought their little lunchboxes.  They were so cute!  Their mothers made their food to look like Stitch, Anpan Man, and other characters.  American lunchboxes are so boring.  But maybe because the food is different.  Usually American lunchboxes have things like apples and sandwiches.  Maybe it isn't so easy to make an apple look like Spiderman!

What is the most interesting lunchbox you have ever seen?

Lunchboxes - お弁当

the ground - 地面

pre-school - 保育園






3月の長沢クラスは14日に一時になります。子供と一緒に英語を習って遊びましょう!時間があったら、是非来て下さい!今月にSaint Patrick's Dayと言う祭日があるので皆緑色の服をクラスに着て来て下さい。


I lost my wallet!

The other day, when it was snowing, I was careless and lost my wallet. I had an English lesson at one of my student`s house, and after that I walked to the train station. When I arrived at the station, I noticed that my wallet was gone!  I started to panic.  Recently, I had been very busy, so I didn`t have a chance to go the bank. I had about $800 dollars in my wallet.  I ran back to my student`s house thinking that I must have dropped it somewhere along the way, or that it fell out during the lesson, but it wasn`t on the road, and it wasn`t at my student`s house either!  So, I ran back to where I was before that, at Fujiya restuarant, but I still couldn`t find it.  Then I thought about going to the police, so I went to the local police box in front of the station. I have heard many stories of people losing stuff and then finding at the police box, but I was doubtful. When I entered, there were five police officers standing around.  I was nervous and upset, and it was hard for me to think clearly enough to speak Japanese. But, I managed to say something and then one of them said something back to me, but the only word I managed to hear was "nakushita", which means "to lose something". But it can also mean "die" in the sense of losing someone. So, I was a little confused and worried that they might be asking me if someone died. Luckily, I managed to communicate with them, and to my suprise, someone had turned in my wallet!  I was so relieved!  I couldn`t believe that all my money, credit cards, everything was still there! I wanted to contact the person that turned it in, but the police said that he didn`t want to be contacted.  What a nice person!  I was so lucky that day.

財布を無くした- I lost my wallet

信じられない!- I can't believe it!

交番- Police box

通信出来ました- I could communicate.