My Diary: Nightmare!



I had a nightmare!

nightmare -悪夢
shake -揺れる
earthquake - 地震
ceiling - 天井
roof - 屋上
pin - 押さえ

Last night, I had a nightmare.  I dreamed I was in an old house with two of my friends.  We were playing video games and listening to music.  One of my friends went into the kitchen to get something for us to drink and then suddenly, the house started shaking.  It was an earthquake.  At first, I didn't worry because there are many earthquakes all the time.  However, the shaking didn't stop and it got stronger. The walls started to move back and forth more and more until they fell down!  I tried to run outside, but the ceiling fell on top of me and and I was pinned to the ground! It was so heavy on my back, but I was worried about my friends so I used all my strength to stand up and lift up the roof and rescue my friends.  When I woke up, I checked the tv to see if there was a real earthquake while I was sleeping, but there wasn't.  What a nightmare!

1. Why did my friend go into the kitchen?
2. What was I doing when the earthquake occurred?
3. Why didn't I run outside?
4. Who rescued us? How?
5. Did I worry?

How about you?
1. Have you ever had a bad earthquake experience?

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My Diary: My students are cool!

Yesterday, one of my students took my sunglasses, put them on, and said "I'm cool !"  I usually just teach English, but sometimes I also teach them how to be "cool".
cool - かっこいい


Nagasawa Class - May



みんなの家・〒239-0842 神奈川県横須賀市長沢2丁目6−40 +81 46-847-3906 ‎  
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クラスは毎月1回です。 レッスン時間は30分位、レッスン料は一人500円です。 宜しくお願いいたします。

My Diary: Easter Egg Hunt


Download the audio and listen!

1. covered in mud -泥だらけ
2. Easter egg hunt - 卵探し
3. watch out for - 何とかに気を付けて
4. crow -からす
5. work of art - 名作
6. cellophane - セロハン
7. snatch - ひったくる
8. stuffed animal - ぬいぐるみ


1. Where did I hide the eggs?
2. What did I watch out for?
3. Why did my mom laugh while raking leaves?
4. Why did we have the Easter Egg hunt late?

Even though it is a little late, I thought it would be fun to have an Easter egg hunt for the Japanese kids that I teach at the pre-school.  Easter was on April the 8th, but it has been raining so much lately, we haven't had a chance to go to the park without getting covered in mud.  Today, the weather was perfect for playing outside!  First, I went to the park with the eggs and hid them behind bushes, under benches, and next to trees.  I was careful though、to watch out for birds because last year while I was doing the same thing, a giant crow came and snatched one of the eggs and flew off!  After hiding them, the kids came and looked for them.  They seemed to really enjoy it, and one of the little girls ate half of her egg!

I remember when I was a kid, in the days prior to Easter, I couldn't wait for my mother to boil the eggs so that my brother and I could color them.  She would prepare many colors to dip the eggs in, and we also used crayons to decorate them.  I was very serious about coloring my eggs; to me, they were considered a work of art.  After coloring the eggs, we let them dry. Then, the night before, while my brother and I were sleeping, my mother would place the eggs along with many chocolates and candy that she bought in a big Easter basket, one each for the both of us. I remember the baskets were so beautiful, filled with green cellophane, brightly colored eggs, chocolates, candy, jellybeans, and sometimes a small plastic toy or stuffed animal in the shape of a bunny.

After waking up on Easter morning, I was so happy to see my Easter basket filled with many goodies.  My mother would let us eat one or two chocolates before going to church.  After we got home, our parents would take the eggs and hide them in the backyard for us to find.  It was always fun looking for them. The funny part was that in all the excitement, sometimes we would forget how many eggs there were and not know if we had found all of them.  I remember one time I found one in the Fall while outside raking leaves with my mom, and we had a good laugh!


My Diary - Rainy day


raining cats and dogs - 土砂降りの雨

rainboots - 長靴

thunder and lightning - 雷と稲妻

interval - 間


1. How can you tell if the lightning is close or far from where you are?

2. Is there more thunder and lightning in Japan or in Florida?

3. When I was a child, where did I like to be during a storm?


Today it has been raining cats and dogs all day. I hate being wet, so I made sure to wear my rainboots and raincoat.  This afternoon, I noticed a little thunder, but I didn't see any lightning.  It seems like in Japan there isn't a lot of thunder and lightning.  In Florida, there is often a lot of thunder and lightning, and it is much louder and brighter.  When I was a child, I remember the thunder was sometimes so lound that it shook the walls of the house.  It was said that if you counted the number of seconds between the time that the lightning flashed and the time that the thunder boomed, you could tell how close it struck.  If the interval was just one second, then it meant that the lightning struck about one mile away.  As a child I enjoyed laying in front of the sliding glass door to my back yard at night and waiting for the lightning to strike as I listened to the heavy rain drum down.  When it came, even though it was so black outside, the lightning lit up everything as clear as day.  The only time I would get scared was when the interval between the thunder and the lightning was too quick too count.


In the news...



As you read the article, try to answer the following questions;

1.  How did the dog escape?

2.  After the dog escaped, what did the owner do?

3. What is a "fatty"?

4. How did they find the dog?

5. How long had the dog been missing?


Can you solve this problem?

Here is an easy puzzle that one of my friends on Facebook posted the other day. Can you find the answer? Remember that even a 6 year old child can find the answer. No cheating!


Nagasawa class - April

Yesterday's class was so much fun! Thank-you everyone for coming!

New words: Easter egg, tulip,chick, and jellybean. See you next time!